5 ways to wear your pearl necklace

Our date with summer beckons. It’s time to have some fun under the sun. Wear the season’s most stylish jewelry and make heads turn wherever you go. Get ready to take some notes because we’re showing you 5 different ways on how you can wear your peal necklace.

1. Wear it as it is — as a necklace.


 2. Wear it as a belt and accentuate your waistline.


3. Wear it as a bangle by stacking the strands together.


4. Wear it as a chocker and define better that long neck.


5. Wear it as necklace but with a twist. Best to try this look when you’re wearing a backless top or dress.


With the necklace’s easy adjustable clasp, you can achieve these 5 easy yet chic looks. Visit any Miladay store now and get yourself your very own South Sea pearl necklace.