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For some, jewelry of any kind is more than just a fashion accessory. Jewelry in the Philippines goes beyond its monetary value. More often, its unique components and features only come second to the sentimental value it holds—one that is equal or perhaps even higher than its monetary worth.

There are various reasons why jewelry has a special place in people’s hearts. But whatever it is, it’s essential to keep them clean and sparkling to maintain its elegant look and value. If you’d rather cleaning your jewelry at home (to save some bucks or just to ensure safety), there are different methods utilizing everyday materials that you can consider.

As these methods only use cleaners and materials that are readily available at home and take up little to no time, it’s easy for you to get your jewelry clean and sparkling. Whether that’s a family heirloom, your wedding or engagement ring, or jewelry you bought a few years back, it’s essential to maintain its quality through regular cleaning.

Understandably, you might be in the fence about handling these pricey pieces by yourself. In this case, Miladay’s jewelry cleaning and repair services are also available for you. Have a professional take care of your prized possessions so it can stay sparkly and shiny for years to come.

Make your jewelry sparkle anew with these everyday household items.