Our Story

The moment Ting Dayrit gave his wife Mila a packet of loose pearls, the brand that will touch the hearts of many was born.
In 1966, Ting and Mila Dayrit started their small jewelry workshop at their home’s garage. In just a span of 3 years,
the small jewelry workshop blossomed into a store located in the heart of Makati. They called their store Miladay,
which meant “Mila’s Day” because Mila had a dream and Miladay was her legacy.
Today, Miladay continues to make everyone feel loved.

Dream Signature


Our Legacy

Miladay is the only jewelry company in the Philippines that stems from the beauty of true love.
This love has touched so many lives through the company’s services, events, and especially its pieces.
The company has created wonderful memories for the people who have been patronizing Miladay for years.
These memories, this love is the effect of Miladay’s identity as a company of premium value.
Value for their people, their product and the lives they have touched.

How do you make a 50-year-old
fine jewelry brand new again?
Change the rules.

Layer, mix and mismatch. Wear jewelry for every occasion or for none at all.
Whether it represents a special moment or a lover’s token, jewelry is tangible value – flaunt it!
Miladay Now takes you from day to night with wearable pieces meant to be shown not stored.
Minimalist pieces inspired by modern glamour spell understated elegance.
Celebrate gold with gold.