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Best Jewelry for the Beach

The sun is shining brighter and the days are getting warmer. Summer is definitely here! For those of you who are heading out of town soon, you may be asking yourself, “Can I wear my jewelry to the beach?” The answer is – YES! In fact, fine jewelry fairs very well in the ocean because salt water does not affect gold. That means you can take a dip without worrying about your jewelry tarnishing. Below are our suggestions for the best pieces to bring to your next beach trip.

Beach Jewelry Tips

1. Go for items that have little to no diamonds or precious stones. Diamonds and precious stones make a piece a lot more valuable and though you may be very careful, there is still a risk of your jewelry falling into the ocean or sand. With that being said, the rule of thumb should be to keep your more expensive pieces at home.

2. Wear smaller and daintier pieces. Apart from being utterly devastated if your expensive piece gets lost, big and chunky jewelry can leave uneven tan lines on your body.

3. Stick with studs and small hoops. When it comes to earrings, avoid drop, dangling and big hoop earrings. These earrings have a higher risk of breaking or falling off while you enjoy your beach activities.

4. Wear jewelry that fits well. In relation to studs, check that the earring backs fit securely on the earring post. For rings, make sure that they really hug your fingers and have no chance of sliding off in the ocean. In the case of necklaces and bracelets, do not wear ones that are too loose or too long as these can slip off when you are submerged in water. It is also very important to make sure the clasps are sturdy and are not broken or damaged.


Summer Jewelry Collection

PALM-MR 0540

Be as golden as the sunset with this chic gold bangle from Miladay’s Stella collection.


Because it’s a yes to jewelry with minimal diamonds, this necklace from 1380’s Tribe collection will definitely look great on a plain black deep-v neck swimsuit. Don’t you think?


Wear these rings from our Stella and Classics collections altogether because who doesn’t love to layer?



Capture the sunny vibes of summer with this pair of small hoop earrings from Miladay’s Stella collection.


Dazzle like the sea with this pair of diamond stud earrings from Miladay’s Classics collection.