You deserve to sparkle on Valentine’s Day

By now, Valentine’s dates are being scheduled and one of the main concerns of any woman on that day is “What jewelry will I wear”? You need not worry because we’re listing down our top 5 jewelry sets you can wear to the Valentine’s date he has planned for both of you.



Romantic date in a posh restaurant

In a setting like this, diamonds are highly recommended. Like this beautiful set of rose cut diamond dangling earrings and necklace from Miladay’s Diamante collection. You may even throw in a statement ring to add more sparkle to your look.



Garden candlelight date

Embody the beauty of nature and opt for natural colored diamonds like these dangling earrings, ring and butterfly necklace from Miladay’s Belle d’ Automne collection.

Belle d' Automne


Casual foodcrawl date

If you’re the foodie type of couple and he’s planned a foodcrawl dinner date for both you, the best jewels to wear are simple diamond pieces. Wear a set of stylish dangling earrings and ring from Miladay’s Classics collection.



Date by the sea

Who wouldn’t love a date by the sea? For this date, pearls are your best bet. Keep it simple and go for this beautiful white south sea pearl bracelet and dangling earrings from Miladay’s Pearlfection collection.



Fun outdoor date

It’s always fun to try out new adventures, specially if you’re with the person you love. For a date like this, go for jewelry that’s light. Just like these yellow and white gold earrings and rings from Miladay’s Gold Tag collection.

Miladay Gold Tag