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Jewelry Tips by Janeena & Kara

Summer is always such a fun season. Don’t you agree? Though traveling is not ideal at the moment, it won’t hurt to plan your summer OOTDs just in case. So embrace the positive vibes of the season and dress up. To help you with your summer look, we asked our muses Janeena Chan and Kara Gozali on how they use jewelry to complement their personal styles.



What piece of jewelry do you wear the most? And why?

Janeena: I love an everyday gold necklace, tennis bracelet, and my favorite rings! I love how unique yet versatile they are!

Kara: I wear my Sacred Heart of Jesus necklace every single day. I believe that it is my constant reminder that I’m never alone and that God is the center of my life. I love it also because it is classy and it is timeless- definitely a statement piece for me. It’s brought me strength and hope in the most challenging times of my life. I’ve had this for years!

How do you use your jewelry to compliment your personal style?

Janeena: The great thing about my favorite Miladay pieces is that they go well, and match with everything I have! It saves me time thinking of what rings or jewelry to wear with my outfits, and can go from day to night! Shine and glamour are always in whatever season!

Kara: My style has always been a good balance between dainty and edgy. Miladay has such a wide range of choices that I’ve never had a hard time picking out a full set to complement any outfit. If I want to go full glam, I usually go for dangling earrings, tennis bracelets, and statement pieces but if I want to do dainty but still sophisticated, I go for the studs or those with floral designs. There are days when I want just a necklace on but I also have those days when I want to layer. It’s all about pieces that magnify my mood — very dynamic!

What are your best tip for jewelry shopping and styling jewelry?

Janeena: There’s no “one perfect rule” when it comes to shopping for jewelry, but it has to be the perfect one for you! So aside from quality, karats, and inherent value, it’s all about choosing a design you’d want to keep and cherish forever. Something that is a translation of your personal style, and personality. Don’t just follow trends, or go for “what’s a classic cut” just because society says so. Go for pieces that feel and look like you! In other words, you’ll know it’s the one once you see it and try it on! A good sign is when you don’t wanna leave the store or close the website tab without purchasing it!

Kara: Always be true to your own style; don’t be swayed by trends. Stick to what you can’t stop thinking about and make an investment. Also, spending on quality over quantity and getting the best purchase within the allotted budget are two of the best pieces of advice I can give. It’s all about knowing what you really want at the end of the day.



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