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Jewelry to Match Your Skin Tone

Jewelry trends are always changing. Instead of quickly hopping on whatever is considered “in” at the moment, it is good to know what will suit you for life! One good way to make sure of this is to find out what jewelry matches your skin tone.

The first step is to identify what skin tone you have: warm or cool. The best indicators are to look at your veins. You have a warm skin tone if your veins appear green. You may also see yellow undertones in your skin. For those with cool skin tone, your veins will appear blue. Undertones in your skin are usually pink.

Now that you know your skin tone you can match it with the right metals. Warm skin tones look best with yellow gold and cool skin tones look best with white gold. If you are morena, you can actually rock all kinds of metals! You were blessed with a skin tone that matches any jewelry.

For rose gold, it comes down to your undertone. If you have reddish undertones you may want to avoid rose gold. It could emphasize your redness in an unflattering way. With all these things being said, the best way is still to try on the jewelry, look at yourself in the mirror and see how it makes you feel. More often than not you will be able to tell what matches your skin, your style, and your bone structure. If at the end of the day you are still in doubt, go for diamonds. Diamonds match anyone and everyone. No wonder they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend!



This yellow, white, and rose gold arm candy from our Stella collection will surely enhance your features.

PALM-MR 0544

For that youthful vibe, go for this rose gold bangle from our Stella collection.


Emphasize your golden features with this pair of yellow gold earrings from our Jemille collection.


Go for that elegant vibe with this pair of white gold dangling earrings from our Stella collection.

HEIR-MR 0508

This rose gold diamond necklace from our 1380 collection is something you can definitely wear every day.



This diamond rositas rings from our Classics collection is a mix of classic design with a modern touch.

HEIR-MR 0114

Keep that sunny vibe with this yellow gold diamond necklace from our 1380 collection.

PALM-MR 0429

Go from casual to formal with this white gold diamond ring with a butterfly design from our 1380 collection.

Now that you have an idea how to match your jewelry with your skin tone, visit our SHOP PAGE now to see more of our pieces that will surely enhance your beauty.