Love Everlasting with the Amore Collection

Can you see the vibrant colors of the flowers? Can you hear the beautiful sound of the wedding bells? Can you feel your heart pounding, as it finally says “yes” to a once-in-a-lifetime kind of love?

There’s something about two people’s union in marriage and their declaration of promise to love each other, whatever the season and whatever the circumstances, that makes one believe in the hope that love brings and the joy that makes one’s heart content. As the season of celebrating lasting love and the magic of wedding continues, Miladay brings to the spotlight its Amore collection — a special collection dedicated for engagement proposals and weddings; as a symbol of love’s promise.

As Miladay was founded in love, its goal is to make one always feel loved through its jewelry pieces. That’s why the Amore collection epitomizes in love, showcasing the fine jewelry brand’s sparkling engagement rings, and wedding bands that will attest to the couple’s love story. To make this season of love even more special, you get to enjoy up to 40% off on Miladay’s Amore collection and bespoke jewelry services until July 31, 2019.

Celebrate the joy of love with Miladay and promise forever with jewels that speak to the heart.