#MiladayNow Gold Tag Collection

A premium treat sparkles at Miladay this September — what with a mix of diamond, sapphire, pearl and gold fine jewelry all dazzling in one collection.

As Miladay celebrates its 51st anniversary, its promise of premium value comes all too vivid with the #MiladayNow (Gold Tag Collection). The new collection not only offers a variety in stones and styles, it also offers a pocket friendly price range of PHP 51,000 and below.

If you don’t own a fine jewelry yet, this is the time to invest in one. And if you have been purchasing fine jewelry for quite some time, you definitely need to get your hands on this new collection.

Get tagged in a golden way with #MiladayNow.

The #MiladayNow (Gold Tag Collection) is now available in all 10 stores of Miladay.

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MiladayNow Classic

MiladayNow Pearl

MiladayNow Gold

MiladayNow BlueSapphire