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Rose Gold Jewelry Set

Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry is feminine, elegant, and chic. It has risen in popularity over the last few years because of its subtle beauty. Its pinkish, reddish undertones make it unique but a little bit more difficult to style. That is why we have rounded up our top five tips on how to pull off rose gold jewelry.

Rose Gold Jewelry Set

Rose Gold Jewelry Styling Tips

1. Wear it with neutral or cool tone colors. Unfortunately, rose gold does not go with all clothing. The best colors to pair it with are white, black, gray, beige, blue, or taupe. Avoid wearing rose gold with warm colors like red, orange, or yellow. It will clash and will also cause your complexion to look more red than usual.

2. Layer your rose gold jewelry for a monochromatic look. When it comes to jewelry, more is more! Allow it to stand out by layering your necklaces and pairing them with rose gold earrings, rings, bangles, and bracelets.

3. You can mix it with other metals. Since rose gold is on the softer side, it pairs beautifully with both white and yellow gold. One very popular trend is wearing them all together for a tri-color look. You could stack a rose gold, yellow gold, and white gold bangle for an edgy look. You can also buy a piece like a ring or earrings, that already consists of all three metals.

4. Invest in a rose gold piece with diamonds. Diamonds look beautiful when they are set in rose gold. This combination will definitely make a statement as it is very fashion-forward and sophisticated.

5. Don’t limit yourself to rose gold jewelry. You can accessorize with it too! Choose a rose gold handbag, shoes, watch, headband, and even water jug to compliment your blush-colored bling.


A chic rose gold ring with rubies from 1380’s Tribe collection is a must-have. Don’t your think?Rose Gold Jewelry

HEIR-MR 0435

If you’re into unique and interesting designs, go for this diamond rose gold ring from 1380’s Heir collection.Rose Gold Jewelry


A simple diamond rose gold ring with the right amount of edge from our Classics collection.Rose Gold Jewelry


If you’re into cross pendant necklaces, here’s a more stylish design in rose gold from 1380’s Tribe collection.

PALM-MR 0081

Another stylish diamond pendant necklace in rose gold from 1380’s Palm collection that you can wear every day.


Stand out with this pair of diamond dangling earrings in rose gold from 1380’s Tribe collection.




When you’re into that punk rock vibe but want to stay elegant, this pair of diamond dangling earrings in rose and white gold from 1380’s Tribe collection is your best bet.


Because a pair of hoop earrings with diamonds in rose gold from our Classics collection will always be on-trend.


Make a statement with this diamond and ruby bangle in rose gold from 1380’s Tribe collection.

PALM-MR 0543

A versatile rose gold bangle from our Stella collection that you can for any occasion.

There is a reason why the rose gold jewelry trend continues to this day. It is just so special and looks so romantic. Browse our website or head to the nearest Miladay Jewels branch to purchase your own pieces. We carry some of the best rose gold jewelry in the Philippines!