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The Miladay Story: A Founder’s Month Blog by Michelle Dayrit Soliven

Our Miladay journey, which started 55 years ago, tickles my heart with loving memories.

Today, we have multiple stores, but I can never ever forget our very first one. This precious family enterprise was born in our home, until our Dad gifted our Mom with a real store. It was located in Angela Arcade, Makati.

Mom was so thrilled when she saw the huge store sign hanging up front. Dad proudly coined it “Miladay.” The name of the woman he loved. I remember wandering around and gazing at the little jewel counters as I memorized the birthstones. I watched the glamorous ladies excitedly trying on the pieces. The business was beginning to flourish. My hardworking parents were ecstatic!

On New Year’s Eve, we received a call that our store was burning. A fire gutted down the entire arcade and all we could do was pray. It was a miracle that after the fire died down, the vaults were still standing. Mercifully, when they were opened, our fine gold and diamond jewels were intact.

My parents worked even harder from home as they picked up the pieces. God had a plan because he blessed us when Dad found another location. It was a bigger Miladay in another arcade called Mayfair Center. We were there for 27 years and it became my second home.

That Miladay store was a venue of many happy anniversaries, which we always celebrated with different themes every year. Our mom loved music, we invited young Repertory, Broadway and opera singer friends to perform. We all got dressed in haute couture and made sure our celebrations were never stiff but fun!

We have created many exquisite pieces that our family can be proud of. But the most beautiful jewels are the friends we made through the years, those who loved and supported us and the employees who are and have been with us.

We are a family who pray together, work together and love one another. After surviving all the struggles of fire, robbery, a troubled economy, major illness and early death of our parents, we celebrate life with grateful hearts!

Today, the Miladay legacy and story continues with the third generation — as we transition into the modern Miladay era. There is a jewelry piece for everyone; classic, edgy, trendy, and cute pieces in different shapes, sizes and prices with one thing in common — they are all made with love. Now, my mom’s dream is one step closer to being fulfilled. She dreamt for every Filipino to own a Miladay, no matter how small.