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What’s your ring size?

Just like shoes and clothes, rings also have sizes. Here is a printable ring size chart that you can use as a guide. Whether you are planning to propose soon or reward yourself with a ring that you can wear every day this will really help you out.

Printable Ring Size

Printable Ring Sizer


This is a quick guide to determine ring sizes. Sizes and dimensions are approximate. For accuracy, It is highly recommended to verify ring size using an actual ring sizer in one of our locations before making the final purchase.

Print this guide with scaling set to 100%. Do not reduce the print size in your printer’s ‘Page Setup’ area. You can verify that the ring sizer is printed correctly by measuring it with a ruler, it should measure 3 1/2 inches (3.5″) long from “A” to “B”.

Method “A”: Using Printed Cutout Sizer

  1. Cut out the printed ring sizer below. Cut along the dash lines. Then cut slit for slot “A”.
  2. Wrap the cut sizer around the finger where the ring will be worn with numbers facing out.
  3. Pull the painted end tab “B” through slot “A” around the widest part of your finger until the sizer is snug. Add an allowance for your knuckle.
  4. The number aligned with slot “A” is your ring size. If the end tab “B” is between two numbers, your size is a half size. (Example: If the end tab “B” falls between 5 and 6, your ring size is 5 1/2.)

SIZING TIPS: Measure your finger later in the day when it is at its largest. Avoid measuring your finger when it is cold.

Method “B”: Using an existing ring that fits

  1. Selecting a ring that properly fits the intended finger.
  2. Place the ring on top of the circles below until the inside edge of the ring matches the outside of the circle.

SIZING TIPS: If the ring is a comfort fit design, match the circles to the contoured edge of the inner surface of the ring.

Once you have gotten your ring size, visit our SHOP page to see our wide variety of ring designs you can choose from.