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Article: Every Jewel Has A Story and Miladay Is A Beautiful Tale Of Love

Every Jewel Has A Story and Miladay Is A Beautiful Tale Of Love

Every Jewel Has A Story and Miladay Is A Beautiful Tale Of Love

It all began with Mila and Ting Dayrit who founded Miladay through hard work, passion, dedication, and love.

Their dream was to share this love with everyone through their jewels — believing that these fine pieces are a great way to express love to someone. Whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band, promise ring, or any cherished gift, a piece of jewelry is a way to seal your love forever and can be passed down from generation to generation. Each piece carries moments, memories, emotions, and legacies that serve as reminders of the special people in your life.

Indeed, every jewel has a story, and this Valentine's Day we have the honor of sharing real tales of love from the words of some of our Miladay clients:


Maela Palisoc answered a heartfelt "yes" with a Miladay princess cut engagement ring.

"Nine years filled with love, laughter, and countless cherished memories. Through every twist and turn, overcoming distances and challenges, we've emerged stronger than ever. Today, my heart is overflowing with gratitude for the incredible blessing of having you by my side. You've been my rock, my unwavering support, and the source of my strength throughout my journey with cancer and the joy of my remissions. Words cannot capture the depth of my gratitude for your enduring love and dedication," said Maela Palisoc as she expressed her love and thanks to her fiancé, Paul Francis Langlois.


“From the engagement ring to our wedding rings, Miladay made our special day.”


“Last December 9, 2023, I got married to the love of my life. Indeed, one of the crucial decisions that we had to make before the wedding was choosing our wedding rings. We decided to go to Miladay, Mall of Asia — with the help of Ma’am Leny we were able to find the perfect wedding bands for us. We still remember that day, after fitting the rings we immediately knew we found the perfect ones. After purchasing those beautiful pieces that will last forever, it felt so fitting, so right. Providing the sign of our everlasting love and unity, that's how Miladay Jewels played a vital part in our love story. Without their rings our wedding day would not be as perfect and complete as we remembered. Thank you Miladay Jewels.”


“We chose to have our rings made with Miladay as they have been the best trusted family brand. Their craftsmanship has always been top-notch, and the design process of our wedding bands was super fun and seamless. Their designer took the time to study our preferred designs, and executed them even better than we imagined! Thank you Miladay for this wonderful experience we will cherish forever.”


“When I planned to propose to Cody, I wanted to give her a ring that not only embodied her personality, but also honored and celebrated our love story. When I told this to the team at Miladay, they understood exactly what I meant and made sure to deliver the perfect engagement ring down to the tiniest details! Thank you Miladay for being a part of our journey and kickstarting our next adventure!”

Do you have your own story to share? Whether it’s self-love, love for your parents, for a friend, or for a significant other, we would be honored to feature you. Send us a message or tag us in your posts, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #EveryJewelHasAStory.

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