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A Miladay ring is a promise to forever; a glimpse into a beautiful future. Infused with the premium quality that has defined us since 1966, each ring is an enduring symbol of love. With this Miladay ring, you're embracing tradition — a tangible reminder of the relationships that make life truly precious. Whether it signifies love to your romantic partner, a cherished friend, or yourself, this ring becomes a timeless expression of moments that last a lifetime.

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Save ₱3,475.00Minimalist White Gold RingMinimalist White Gold Ring
Minimalist White Gold Ring Sale price₱10,425.00 Regular price₱13,900.00
Save ₱14,975.00Sleek Gold RingSleek Gold Ring
Sleek Gold Ring Sale price₱44,925.00 Regular price₱59,900.00
Save ₱3,775.00Minimalist Yellow Gold RingMinimalist Yellow Gold Ring
Minimalist Yellow Gold Ring Sale price₱11,325.00 Regular price₱15,100.00
Ruby Drop RingRuby Drop Ring
Ruby Drop Ring Sale price₱142,050.00
Ruby Bloom RingRuby Bloom Ring
Ruby Bloom Ring Sale price₱160,950.00
Blue Bloom RingBlue Bloom Ring
Blue Bloom Ring Sale price₱128,500.00
Ethereal Amethyst SetEthereal Amethyst Set
Ethereal Amethyst Set Sale price₱77,000.00
Sunstone SetSunstone Set
Sunstone Set Sale price₱99,500.00
Diamond Halo Illusion RingDiamond Halo Illusion Ring
Diamond Halo Illusion Ring Sale price₱126,000.00
Wrap Around Pearl RingWrap Around Pearl Ring
Wrap Around Pearl Ring Sale price₱36,100.00
Garden RingGarden Ring
Garden Ring Sale price₱93,850.00
Beacon RingBeacon Ring
Beacon Ring Sale price₱154,400.00
Chained Tear RingChained Tear Ring
Chained Tear Ring Sale price₱83,250.00
Halo RingHalo Ring
Halo Ring Sale price₱119,600.00
Trio Half-Eternity RingTrio Half-Eternity Ring
Trio Half-Eternity Ring Sale price₱72,650.00
Sold outBold Diamond RingBold Diamond Ring
Bold Diamond Ring Sale price₱72,850.00
Sweet Love RingSweet Love Ring
Sweet Love Ring Sale price₱35,400.00
Bold Love RingBold Love Ring
Bold Love Ring Sale price₱46,900.00
To The Moon and Back RingTo The Moon and Back Ring
To The Moon and Back Ring Sale price₱34,350.00
Save ₱4,587.50Rosary Ring
Rosary Ring Sale price₱13,762.50 Regular price₱18,350.00
Dainty Santan RingDainty Santan Ring
Dainty Santan Ring Sale price₱55,000.00
stacked ring in white gold
stacked ring in white gold Sale price₱71,850.00
stacked ring in yellow gold
stacked ring in yellow gold Sale price₱99,000.00
Sold outEmerald Stack Ring
Emerald Stack Ring Sale price₱21,000.00
Entwined Diamond RingEntwined Diamond Ring
Entwined Diamond Ring Sale price₱100,100.00
Four-tier Diamond RingFour-tier Diamond Ring
Four-tier Diamond Ring Sale price₱175,000.00
Starburst Diamond RingStarburst Diamond Ring
Starburst Diamond Ring Sale price₱56,750.00
Diamond Waves RingDiamond Waves Ring
Diamond Waves Ring Sale price₱72,400.00
Eye of Baguette RingEye of Baguette Ring
Eye of Baguette Ring Sale price₱96,800.00
Ribbon RingRibbon Ring
Ribbon Ring Sale price₱74,950.00
Simple White Gold Ring
Simple White Gold Ring Sale price₱25,700.00
Ruby Drop RingRuby Drop Ring
Ruby Drop Ring Sale price₱69,700.00
Ruby Rositas Ring
Ruby Rositas Ring Sale price₱68,000.00
Sold outRuby Wrap Around Ring
Ruby Wrap Around Ring Sale price₱90,000.00
Save ₱7,175.00Basic Gold Band
Basic Gold Band Sale price₱21,525.00 Regular price₱28,700.00
Blue Sapphire Ring Jacket
Blue Sapphire Ring Jacket Sale price₱85,400.00
Blue Sapphire Rosita Ring
Blue Sapphire Rosita Ring Sale price₱218,100.00
Blue Sapphire Wrap Around RingBlue Sapphire Wrap Around Ring
Blue Sapphire Wrap Around Ring Sale price₱81,000.00
Pearl Lined Statement RingPearl Lined Statement Ring
Pearl Lined Statement Ring Sale price₱79,800.00
Midnight Sparkle RingMidnight Sparkle Ring
Midnight Sparkle Ring Sale price₱107,000.00
Midnight Luster RingMidnight Luster Ring
Midnight Luster Ring Sale price₱60,800.00
Two Toned Entwined Pearl RingTwo Toned Entwined Pearl Ring
Two Toned Entwined Pearl Ring Sale price₱70,300.00
Two Toned Entwined Pearl RingTwo Toned Entwined Pearl Ring
Two Toned Entwined Pearl Ring Sale price₱72,000.00
Orb Diamond Ring
Orb Diamond Ring Sale price₱66,250.00
Three Row Pavéd Diamond RIng
Three Row Pavéd Diamond RIng Sale price₱64,150.00
Circle Bar Diamond Ring
Circle Bar Diamond Ring Sale price₱122,500.00
Raindrop Pavéed Diamond Ring
Raindrop Pavéed Diamond Ring Sale price₱190,700.00
Twin Edge Diamond Ring
Twin Edge Diamond Ring Sale price₱61,600.00
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