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Shining gold pieces in hues of yellow, white and rose gold.

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Snow Angel PendantSnow Angel Pendant
Snow Angel Pendant Sale priceβ‚±23,700.00
Golden Angel PendantGolden Angel Pendant
Golden Angel Pendant Sale priceβ‚±26,300.00
Stella Earrings 3717Stella Earrings 3717
Stella Earrings 3717 Sale priceβ‚±21,550.00
Stella Earrings 3714Stella Earrings 3714
Stella Earrings 3714 Sale priceβ‚±28,600.00
Stella Earrings 3710Stella Earrings 3710
Stella Earrings 3710 Sale priceβ‚±17,050.00
Stella Earrings 3681Stella Earrings 3681
Stella Earrings 3681 Sale priceβ‚±12,050.00
Stella Earrings 3679Stella Earrings 3679
Stella Earrings 3679 Sale priceβ‚±10,200.00
Stella Earrings 3677Stella Earrings 3677
Stella Earrings 3677 Sale priceβ‚±8,250.00
Stella Earrings 3675Stella Earrings 3675
Stella Earrings 3675 Sale priceβ‚±6,000.00
Stella Necklace 3706Stella Necklace 3706
Stella Necklace 3706 Sale priceβ‚±25,050.00
Stella Necklace 3703Stella Necklace 3703
Stella Necklace 3703 Sale priceβ‚±26,600.00
Stella Earrings 3591Stella Earrings 3591
Stella Earrings 3591 Sale priceβ‚±32,950.00
Stella Earrings 3574Stella Earrings 3574
Stella Earrings 3574 Sale priceβ‚±47,400.00
Stella Earrings 3572Stella Earrings 3572
Stella Earrings 3572 Sale priceβ‚±46,100.00
Stella Earrings 3568Stella Earrings 3568
Stella Earrings 3568 Sale priceβ‚±20,800.00
Stella Earrings 3566Stella Earrings 3566
Stella Earrings 3566 Sale priceβ‚±27,750.00
Stella Earrings 3564Stella Earrings 3564
Stella Earrings 3564 Sale priceβ‚±28,250.00
Stella Ring 84
Stella Ring 84 Sale priceβ‚±25,200.00
Stella Ring 60Stella Ring 60
Stella Ring 60 Sale priceβ‚±29,300.00
Stella Ring 2964
Stella Ring 2964 Sale priceβ‚±21,350.00
Stella Ring 1534
Stella Ring 1534 Sale priceβ‚±18,600.00
Stella Ring 1522
Stella Ring 1522 Sale priceβ‚±18,800.00
Stella Ring 13035
Stella Ring 13035 Sale priceβ‚±16,500.00
Stella Ring 13030
Stella Ring 13030 Sale priceβ‚±29,250.00
Stella Ring 11210
Stella Ring 11210 Sale priceβ‚±25,700.00
Stella Ring 25943
Stella Ring 25943 Sale priceβ‚±57,400.00
Stella Ring 787
Stella Ring 787 Sale priceβ‚±53,400.00
Stella Ring 776
Stella Ring 776 Sale priceβ‚±55,350.00
Stella Ring 7613
Stella Ring 7613 Sale priceβ‚±15,000.00
Stella Ring 547Stella Ring 547
Stella Ring 547 Sale priceβ‚±10,700.00
Stella Ring 426
Stella Ring 426 Sale priceβ‚±18,500.00
Stella Pendant 2884
Stella Pendant 2884 Sale priceβ‚±18,300.00
Stella Pendant 434
Stella Pendant 434 Sale priceβ‚±7,100.00
Stella Pendant 242
Stella Pendant 242 Sale priceβ‚±3,700.00
Stella Necklace 20312
Stella Necklace 20312 Sale priceβ‚±21,200.00
Stella Necklace 18871Stella Necklace 18871
Stella Necklace 18871 Sale priceβ‚±164,100.00
Stella Necklace 18866Stella Necklace 18866
Stella Necklace 18866 Sale priceβ‚±68,100.00
Stella Necklace 15658Stella Necklace 15658
Stella Necklace 15658 Sale priceβ‚±34,700.00
Stella Earrings 104
Stella Earrings 104 Sale priceβ‚±48,200.00
Stella Earrings 2889
Stella Earrings 2889 Sale priceβ‚±20,150.00
Stella Earrings 5906Stella Earrings 5906
Stella Earrings 5906 Sale priceβ‚±29,600.00
Stella Earrings 18627
Stella Earrings 18627 Sale priceβ‚±14,650.00
Stella Earrings 13864
Stella Earrings 13864 Sale priceβ‚±42,600.00
Stella Bracelet 152
Stella Bracelet 152 Sale priceβ‚±22,200.00
Stella Bangle 7028
Stella Bangle 7028 Sale priceβ‚±300,000.00
Stella Bangle 7022
Stella Bangle 7022 Sale priceβ‚±290,000.00
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