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Our Story


On a love-filled day in their young marriage, Ting Dayrit gifted his wife Mila with packet of loose pearls. She had them set according to her own design and happily found her own friends ordering pieces for themselves.

Thus, a sparkling "little" business was born -- a business that grew over the years to such admirable proportions that soon, the House of Miladay was established.


Miladay stands on the final request of Ting and Mila who passed away only twenty days apart from each other after decades of leading one of the most successful jewelry establishments in the country: “take care of our people”

They left a legacy based on love for God and Family, honesty and trust and deep respect for the continuity of generations behind every precious Miladay creation today.


With such history behind them, Jaqui, Michelle, Mark, Christine, and Yvonne – Look forward to a future dedicated to creating more and more beautiful investments that can be passed on from generation to generation …


With two generations of passion, love and devotion before them, it is now the turn of the third generation to carry on the Miladay legacy.

Guided by the five Dayrit siblings, this new crop of Miladay is seeking to continue the family tradition while also bringing its own personality into the fold.

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