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Our men’s collection is an ode to Mark Dayrit, second-generation jeweler, and the only son of our founders Mila and Ting. Growing up surrounded by four sisters in a realm where jewelry is often considered a woman's world, Mark found his unique voice through crafting his own collection. Each design showcases how men can effortlessly stand out through jewelry. Now, with these carefully crafted pieces, it’s your turn to make your mark.

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Mark Ring 0207
Mark Ring 0207 Sale price₱21,400.00
Mark Ring 6460Mark Ring 6460
Mark Ring 6460 Sale price₱150,000.00
Mark Ring 15194
Mark Ring 15194 Sale price₱28,700.00
Mark Ring 18956
Mark Ring 18956 Sale price₱12,250.00
Mark Ring 15402
Mark Ring 15402 Sale price₱16,550.00
Mark Ring 7603
Mark Ring 7603 Sale price₱14,450.00
Mark Necklace 10999Mark Necklace 10999
Mark Necklace 10999 Sale price₱101,800.00
Mark Bracelet 17433Mark Bracelet 17433
Mark Bracelet 17433 Sale price₱90,250.00
Mark Necklace 10701Mark Necklace 10701
Mark Necklace 10701 Sale price₱148,900.00
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