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Miladay's new arrivals seamlessly blend contemporary style with the timeless elegance at our core. Each piece unfolds a new era in the ongoing Miladay story, bringing us closer to our founder Mila's dream — for every Filipino to own a Miladay, no matter how small. These additions not only entwine past and present but also propel us forward, ensuring the Miladay legacy continues forever. With our new arrivals, you're starting your own legacy with jewels that can be passed down through generations — from our family to yours.

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Sold outPlot ExtenderPlot Extender
Plot Extender Sale price₱6,400.00
Elements Pendant Lined CrossElements Pendant Lined Cross
Elements Pendant Lined Cross Sale price₱13,550.00
1380 Necklace 36911380 Necklace 3691
1380 Necklace 3691 Sale price₱41,200.00
Elements Pendant Lined ButterflyElements Pendant Lined Butterfly
Elements Pendant Lined Butterfly Sale price₱9,000.00
Elements Pendant Cheers
Elements Pendant Cheers Sale price₱7,600.00
Elements Pendant HamsaElements Pendant Hamsa
Elements Pendant Hamsa Sale price₱7,600.00
Elements Pendant Dragonfly
Elements Pendant Dragonfly Sale price₱6,300.00
Elements Pendant KeyElements Pendant Key
Elements Pendant Key Sale price₱8,600.00
Elements Pendant FlowerElements Pendant Flower
Elements Pendant Flower Sale price₱8,900.00
Elements Pendant Snowflake
Elements Pendant Snowflake Sale price₱15,800.00
Elements Pendant PlaneElements Pendant Plane
Elements Pendant Plane Sale price₱6,200.00
Elements Pendant StarElements Pendant Star
Elements Pendant Star Sale price₱7,600.00
Elements Pendant Elephant
Elements Pendant Elephant Sale price₱7,500.00
Elements Pendant ButterflyElements Pendant Butterfly
Elements Pendant Butterfly Sale price₱9,000.00
Elements Pendant SeahorseElements Pendant Seahorse
Elements Pendant Seahorse Sale price₱8,650.00
Elements Pendant LockElements Pendant Lock
Elements Pendant Lock Sale price₱10,500.00
Elements Pendant DolphinElements Pendant Dolphin
Elements Pendant Dolphin Sale price₱7,500.00
Elements Pendant BirdElements Pendant Bird
Elements Pendant Bird Sale price₱8,400.00
Elements Pendant TurtleElements Pendant Turtle
Elements Pendant Turtle Sale price₱7,900.00
Elements Pendant BeeElements Pendant Bee
Elements Pendant Bee Sale price₱9,600.00
Elements Pendant Starfish
Elements Pendant Starfish Sale price₱9,500.00
Elements Pendant SunElements Pendant Sun
Elements Pendant Sun Sale price₱9,500.00
Elements Pendant ShellElements Pendant Shell
Elements Pendant Shell Sale price₱9,000.00
Infinite Pendant Big HeartInfinite Pendant Big Heart
Infinite Pendant Big Heart Sale price₱40,000.00
Infinite Pendant Big CrossInfinite Pendant Big Cross
Infinite Pendant Big Cross Sale price₱36,700.00
Infinite Pendant Evil EyeInfinite Pendant Evil Eye
Infinite Pendant Evil Eye Sale price₱24,200.00
Infinite Pendant CrossInfinite Pendant Cross
Infinite Pendant Cross Sale price₱23,200.00
Infinite Pendant StarInfinite Pendant Star
Infinite Pendant Star Sale price₱21,000.00
Infinite Pendant North StarInfinite Pendant North Star
Infinite Pendant North Star Sale price₱22,100.00
Infinite Pendant Shining StarInfinite Pendant Shining Star
Infinite Pendant Shining Star Sale price₱22,000.00
Infinite Pendant Mother of Pearl HeartInfinite Pendant Mother of Pearl Heart
Infinite Pendant HeartInfinite Pendant Heart
Infinite Pendant Heart Sale price₱26,000.00
Infinite Pendant FlowerInfinite Pendant Flower
Infinite Pendant Flower Sale price₱24,100.00
Infinite Pendant SnakeInfinite Pendant Snake
Infinite Pendant Snake Sale price₱24,800.00
Pages ChainPages Chain
Pages Chain Sale price₱90,600.00
Plunge Necklace LockPlunge Necklace Lock
Plunge Necklace Lock Sale price₱44,500.00
Plunge Necklace HeartPlunge Necklace Heart
Plunge Necklace Heart Sale price₱42,000.00
Plunge Necklace Blessed MotherPlunge Necklace Blessed Mother
Plunge Necklace Blessed Mother Sale price₱46,000.00
Plunge Necklace AnchorPlunge Necklace Anchor
Plunge Necklace Anchor Sale price₱44,500.00
Plunge Necklace CrossPlunge Necklace Cross
Plunge Necklace Cross Sale price₱39,000.00
Plunge Necklace StarPlunge Necklace Star
Plunge Necklace Star Sale price₱38,600.00
Miladay ChainMiladay Chain
Miladay Chain Sale price₱137,900.00
Toggle Necklace CrossToggle Necklace Cross
Toggle Necklace Cross Sale price₱38,000.00
Toggle Necklace StarToggle Necklace Star
Toggle Necklace Star Sale price₱38,500.00
Toggle Necklace AnchorToggle Necklace Anchor
Toggle Necklace Anchor Sale price₱39,500.00
Trio Necklace CrossTrio Necklace Cross
Trio Necklace Cross Sale price₱43,500.00
Trio Necklace LockTrio Necklace Lock
Trio Necklace Lock Sale price₱41,500.00
Trio Necklace LoveTrio Necklace Love
Trio Necklace Love Sale price₱44,800.00
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