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Sold outScript Diamond "A" PendantScript Diamond "A" Pendant
Script Diamond "A" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±23,550.00
Save β‚±3,475.00Minimalist White Gold RingMinimalist White Gold Ring
Minimalist White Gold Ring Sale priceβ‚±10,425.00 Regular priceβ‚±13,900.00
Save β‚±11,037.50Modern Two Tone Cross PendantModern Two Tone Cross Pendant
Modern Two Tone Cross Pendant Sale priceβ‚±33,112.50 Regular priceβ‚±44,150.00
Save β‚±13,087.50Sacred Heart & Mother of Perpetual Help Gold Medal 26mmSacred Heart & Mother of Perpetual Help Gold Medal 26mm
Sacred Heart & Mother of Perpetual Help Gold Medal 26mm Sale priceβ‚±39,262.50 Regular priceβ‚±52,350.00
Ruby Drop EarringsRuby Drop Earrings
Ruby Drop Earrings Sale priceβ‚±106,800.00
Ruby Drop RingRuby Drop Ring
Ruby Drop Ring Sale priceβ‚±142,050.00
Ruby Bloom RingRuby Bloom Ring
Ruby Bloom Ring Sale priceβ‚±160,950.00
Ruby Drop PendantRuby Drop Pendant
Ruby Drop Pendant Sale priceβ‚±42,950.00
Ruby Bloom PendantRuby Bloom Pendant
Ruby Bloom Pendant Sale priceβ‚±50,000.00
Diamond Embrace StudDiamond Embrace Stud
Diamond Embrace Stud Sale priceβ‚±108,650.00
Blue Bloom PendantBlue Bloom Pendant
Blue Bloom Pendant Sale priceβ‚±102,100.00
Blue Bloom RingBlue Bloom Ring
Blue Bloom Ring Sale priceβ‚±128,500.00
Blue Fusion StudBlue Fusion Stud
Blue Fusion Stud Sale priceβ‚±157,750.00
Diamond Aura StudDiamond Aura Stud
Diamond Aura Stud Sale priceβ‚±196,600.00
White Twist HoopsWhite Twist Hoops
White Twist Hoops Sale priceβ‚±16,000.00
Must Have HoopsMust Have Hoops
Must Have Hoops Sale priceβ‚±7,900.00
Ethereal Amethyst SetEthereal Amethyst Set
Ethereal Amethyst Set Sale priceβ‚±77,000.00
Topaz PendantTopaz Pendant
Topaz Pendant Sale priceβ‚±39,000.00
Moonstone PendantMoonstone Pendant
Moonstone Pendant Sale priceβ‚±38,250.00
Veiled Opal PendantVeiled Opal Pendant
Veiled Opal Pendant Sale priceβ‚±43,500.00
Amethyst StudsAmethyst Studs
Amethyst Studs Sale priceβ‚±33,150.00
Diamond Halo Illusion RingDiamond Halo Illusion Ring
Diamond Halo Illusion Ring Sale priceβ‚±126,000.00
Oval Ruby Rosita Studs
Oval Ruby Rosita Studs Sale priceβ‚±109,650.00
Emerald Pear EarringsEmerald Pear Earrings
Emerald Pear Earrings Sale priceβ‚±219,100.00
Multicolor Sapphire Earrings
Multicolor Sapphire Earrings Sale priceβ‚±310,500.00
Pink Sapphire Dangling Earrings
Pink Sapphire Dangling Earrings Sale priceβ‚±149,500.00
Pink Sapphire Cluster Earrings
Pink Sapphire Cluster Earrings Sale priceβ‚±154,300.00
24mm Half Diamond Hoops24mm Half Diamond Hoops
24mm Half Diamond Hoops Sale priceβ‚±93,250.00
White Gold Santan Diamond StudWhite Gold Santan Diamond Stud
White Gold Santan Diamond Stud Sale priceβ‚±210,700.00
Simple Santan StudSimple Santan Stud
Simple Santan Stud Sale priceβ‚±118,000.00
Gradient Diamond Ear ClimberGradient Diamond Ear Climber
Gradient Diamond Ear Climber Sale priceβ‚±84,500.00
Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings 10mmChampagne Pearl Stud Earrings 10mm
Champagne Pearl Stud Earrings 10mm Sale priceβ‚±47,700.00
Pair of Dolphins PendantPair of Dolphins Pendant
Pair of Dolphins Pendant Sale priceβ‚±6,900.00
Tree of Life PendantTree of Life Pendant
Tree of Life Pendant Sale priceβ‚±23,800.00
Baguette Circle Diamond NecklaceBaguette Circle Diamond Necklace
Baguette Circle Diamond Necklace Sale priceβ‚±82,150.00
Sold outSave β‚±3,550.00St. Benedict Medal Pendant 14mmSt. Benedict Medal Pendant 14mm
St. Benedict Medal Pendant 14mm Sale priceβ‚±10,650.00 Regular priceβ‚±14,200.00
Save β‚±2,825.00St. Benedict Medal Pendant 12mmSt. Benedict Medal Pendant 12mm
St. Benedict Medal Pendant 12mm Sale priceβ‚±8,475.00 Regular priceβ‚±11,300.00
Sunset Gradient Pearl NecklaceSunset Gradient Pearl Necklace
Sunset Gradient Pearl Necklace Sale priceβ‚±146,500.00
Garden RingGarden Ring
Garden Ring Sale priceβ‚±93,850.00
Beacon RingBeacon Ring
Beacon Ring Sale priceβ‚±154,400.00
Chained Tear RingChained Tear Ring
Chained Tear Ring Sale priceβ‚±83,250.00
Halo RingHalo Ring
Halo Ring Sale priceβ‚±119,600.00
Trio Half-Eternity RingTrio Half-Eternity Ring
Trio Half-Eternity Ring Sale priceβ‚±72,650.00
Sold outBold Diamond RingBold Diamond Ring
Bold Diamond Ring Sale priceβ‚±72,850.00
Opal StudOpal Stud
Opal Stud Sale priceβ‚±45,000.00
Quad Hoop EarringsQuad Hoop Earrings
Quad Hoop Earrings Sale priceβ‚±141,550.00
Orb Hoop EarringsOrb Hoop Earrings
Orb Hoop Earrings Sale priceβ‚±123,350.00
Geo-drop EarringsGeo-drop Earrings
Geo-drop Earrings Sale priceβ‚±128,650.00
To The Moon and Back PendantTo The Moon and Back Pendant
To The Moon and Back Pendant Sale priceβ‚±19,100.00
To The Moon and Back RingTo The Moon and Back Ring
To The Moon and Back Ring Sale priceβ‚±34,350.00
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