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Miladay pendants are tokens of love and memories that are worn close to the heart. They are mini masterpieces that represent the people, places, things, and events that have shaped who you are. Wearing a Miladay pendant allows you to carry a symbol of your identity, showcasing your style and your story.

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Sold outPlot ExtenderPlot Extender
Plot Extender Sale priceβ‚±6,400.00
Sold outScript Diamond "A" PendantScript Diamond "A" Pendant
Script Diamond "A" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±23,550.00
Elements Pendant Lined CrossElements Pendant Lined Cross
Elements Pendant Lined Cross Sale priceβ‚±13,550.00
Save β‚±11,037.50Modern Two Tone Cross PendantModern Two Tone Cross Pendant
Modern Two Tone Cross Pendant Sale priceβ‚±33,112.50 Regular priceβ‚±44,150.00
Save β‚±13,087.50Sacred Heart & Mother of Perpetual Help Gold Medal 26mmSacred Heart & Mother of Perpetual Help Gold Medal 26mm
Sacred Heart & Mother of Perpetual Help Gold Medal 26mm Sale priceβ‚±39,262.50 Regular priceβ‚±52,350.00
Panda Pearl PendantPanda Pearl Pendant
Panda Pearl Pendant Sale priceβ‚±52,200.00
Emerald Drop PendantEmerald Drop Pendant
Emerald Drop Pendant Sale priceβ‚±104,800.00
Ruby Drop PendantRuby Drop Pendant
Ruby Drop Pendant Sale priceβ‚±42,950.00
Ruby Bloom PendantRuby Bloom Pendant
Ruby Bloom Pendant Sale priceβ‚±50,000.00
Blue Bloom PendantBlue Bloom Pendant
Blue Bloom Pendant Sale priceβ‚±102,100.00
Ethereal Amethyst SetEthereal Amethyst Set
Ethereal Amethyst Set Sale priceβ‚±77,000.00
Sunstone SetSunstone Set
Sunstone Set Sale priceβ‚±99,500.00
Topaz PendantTopaz Pendant
Topaz Pendant Sale priceβ‚±39,000.00
Moonstone PendantMoonstone Pendant
Moonstone Pendant Sale priceβ‚±38,250.00
Veiled Opal PendantVeiled Opal Pendant
Veiled Opal Pendant Sale priceβ‚±43,500.00
Topaz PendantTopaz Pendant
Topaz Pendant Sale priceβ‚±33,700.00
Save β‚±5,812.50Guadalupe Medal Pendant 20mmGuadalupe Medal Pendant 20mm
Guadalupe Medal Pendant 20mm Sale priceβ‚±17,437.50 Regular priceβ‚±23,250.00
Baroque Pearl PendantBaroque Pearl Pendant
Baroque Pearl Pendant Sale priceβ‚±31,000.00
Pair of Dolphins PendantPair of Dolphins Pendant
Pair of Dolphins Pendant Sale priceβ‚±6,900.00
Tree of Life PendantTree of Life Pendant
Tree of Life Pendant Sale priceβ‚±23,800.00
Bow pendantBow pendant
Bow pendant Sale priceβ‚±16,400.00
Floral Locket PendantFloral Locket Pendant
Floral Locket Pendant Sale priceβ‚±40,500.00
Sold outSave β‚±3,550.00St. Benedict Medal Pendant 14mmSt. Benedict Medal Pendant 14mm
St. Benedict Medal Pendant 14mm Sale priceβ‚±10,650.00 Regular priceβ‚±14,200.00
Save β‚±2,825.00St. Benedict Medal Pendant 12mmSt. Benedict Medal Pendant 12mm
St. Benedict Medal Pendant 12mm Sale priceβ‚±8,475.00 Regular priceβ‚±11,300.00
Save β‚±5,887.50Our Lady of Guadalupe PendantOur Lady of Guadalupe Pendant
Our Lady of Guadalupe Pendant Sale priceβ‚±17,662.50 Regular priceβ‚±23,550.00
Save β‚±12,375.00Padre Pio Medal in 23mmPadre Pio Medal in 23mm
Padre Pio Medal in 23mm Sale priceβ‚±37,125.00 Regular priceβ‚±49,500.00
Pearlfect Pendant 12.7mmPearlfect Pendant 12.7mm
Pearlfect Pendant 12.7mm Sale priceβ‚±61,000.00
Pearlfect Pendant 12.2mmPearlfect Pendant 12.2mm
Pearlfect Pendant 12.2mm Sale priceβ‚±73,500.00
Lovelocks PendantLovelocks Pendant
Lovelocks Pendant Sale priceβ‚±19,250.00
Sweet Love PendantSweet Love Pendant
Sweet Love Pendant Sale priceβ‚±17,600.00
Bold Love PendantBold Love Pendant
Bold Love Pendant Sale priceβ‚±20,400.00
To The Moon and Back PendantTo The Moon and Back Pendant
To The Moon and Back Pendant Sale priceβ‚±19,100.00
Save β‚±12,412.50Miraculous Medal in 35.5mmMiraculous Medal in 35.5mm
Miraculous Medal in 35.5mm Sale priceβ‚±37,237.50 Regular priceβ‚±49,650.00
Save β‚±2,900.00Miraculous Medal in 22mmMiraculous Medal in 22mm
Miraculous Medal in 22mm Sale priceβ‚±8,700.00 Regular priceβ‚±11,600.00
Save β‚±3,225.00Yellow Plain Cross PendantYellow Plain Cross Pendant
Yellow Plain Cross Pendant Sale priceβ‚±9,675.00 Regular priceβ‚±12,900.00
Save β‚±3,075.00Spiral-finished Cross PendantSpiral-finished Cross Pendant
Spiral-finished Cross Pendant Sale priceβ‚±9,225.00 Regular priceβ‚±12,300.00
Save β‚±13,662.50Most Holy Cross PendantMost Holy Cross Pendant
Most Holy Cross Pendant Sale priceβ‚±40,987.50 Regular priceβ‚±54,650.00
Save β‚±12,375.00Padre Pio Medal in 30mmPadre Pio Medal in 30mm
Padre Pio Medal in 30mm Sale priceβ‚±37,125.00 Regular priceβ‚±49,500.00
Save β‚±7,412.50Miraculous Medal in 30mmMiraculous Medal in 30mm
Miraculous Medal in 30mm Sale priceβ‚±22,237.50 Regular priceβ‚±29,650.00
Save β‚±2,812.50Miraculous Medal in 20mmMiraculous Medal in 20mm
Miraculous Medal in 20mm Sale priceβ‚±8,437.50 Regular priceβ‚±11,250.00
Save β‚±4,737.50Oval Miraculous MedalOval Miraculous Medal
Oval Miraculous Medal Sale priceβ‚±14,212.50 Regular priceβ‚±18,950.00
Save β‚±1,675.00Dainty Cross PendantDainty Cross Pendant
Dainty Cross Pendant Sale priceβ‚±5,025.00 Regular priceβ‚±6,700.00
Bold Diamond "A" PendantBold Diamond "A" Pendant
Bold Diamond "A" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±42,800.00
Script Diamond "Y" PendantScript Diamond "Y" Pendant
Script Diamond "Y" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±24,950.00
Script Diamond "M" PendantScript Diamond "M" Pendant
Script Diamond "M" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±32,750.00
Script Diamond "D" PendantScript Diamond "D" Pendant
Script Diamond "D" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±27,700.00
Script Diamond "C" PendantScript Diamond "C" Pendant
Script Diamond "C" Pendant Sale priceβ‚±27,700.00
Holiday SetHoliday Set
Holiday Set Sale priceβ‚±99,800.00
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