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Let Miladay's necklaces become the poetry that graces your décolletage. From subtle chains that caress your collarbones, elaborate statement pieces that steal the spotlight, to dainty pieces adorned with charms to tell your story, these necklaces will definitely celebrate your personality and milestones. Let the artistry behind these pieces allow you to shine everyday and in all occasions.

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Save ₱7,212.50H.Rolo Gold ChainH.Rolo Gold Chain
H.Rolo Gold Chain Sale price₱21,637.50 Regular price₱28,850.00
Save ₱16,350.00H.Curb Men's NecklaceH.Curb Men's Necklace
H.Curb Men's Necklace Sale price₱49,050.00 Regular price₱65,400.00
Figaro Men's NecklaceFigaro Men's Necklace
Figaro Men's Necklace Sale price₱128,550.00
Tender Love Necklace
Tender Love Necklace Sale price₱32,000.00
Into Eternity NecklaceInto Eternity Necklace
Into Eternity Necklace Sale price₱190,650.00
Baguette Circle Diamond NecklaceBaguette Circle Diamond Necklace
Baguette Circle Diamond Necklace Sale price₱82,150.00
Sunrise Gradient Pearl NecklaceSunrise Gradient Pearl Necklace
Sunrise Gradient Pearl Necklace Sale price₱145,900.00
Sunset Gradient Pearl NecklaceSunset Gradient Pearl Necklace
Sunset Gradient Pearl Necklace Sale price₱146,500.00
Baroque Pearl Necklace
Baroque Pearl Necklace Sale price₱42,500.00
Pearlfect Pair Necklace
Pearlfect Pair Necklace Sale price₱75,000.00
Pair of Pearls NecklacePair of Pearls Necklace
Pair of Pearls Necklace Sale price₱75,000.00
Save ₱16,600.00Scapular NecklaceScapular Necklace
Scapular Necklace Sale price₱49,800.00 Regular price₱66,400.00
Sleek Bar Diamond Necklace
Sleek Bar Diamond Necklace Sale price₱95,700.00
Hexagon Diamond NecklaceHexagon Diamond Necklace
Hexagon Diamond Necklace Sale price₱24,300.00
Sweetheart Diamond NecklaceSweetheart Diamond Necklace
Sweetheart Diamond Necklace Sale price₱20,450.00
Pavé Diamond X NecklacePavé Diamond X Necklace
Pavé Diamond X Necklace Sale price₱27,600.00
Blue Sapphire Halo NecklaceBlue Sapphire Halo Necklace
Blue Sapphire Halo Necklace Sale price₱52,000.00
Bloom Ruby NecklaceBloom Ruby Necklace
Bloom Ruby Necklace Sale price₱41,200.00
Modern Cross Diamond Necklace
Modern Cross Diamond Necklace Sale price₱25,200.00
Pages ChainPages Chain
Pages Chain Sale price₱90,600.00
Plunge Necklace LockPlunge Necklace Lock
Plunge Necklace Lock Sale price₱44,500.00
Plunge Necklace HeartPlunge Necklace Heart
Plunge Necklace Heart Sale price₱42,000.00
Plunge Necklace Blessed MotherPlunge Necklace Blessed Mother
Plunge Necklace Blessed Mother Sale price₱46,000.00
Plunge Necklace AnchorPlunge Necklace Anchor
Plunge Necklace Anchor Sale price₱44,500.00
Plunge Necklace CrossPlunge Necklace Cross
Plunge Necklace Cross Sale price₱39,000.00
Plunge Necklace StarPlunge Necklace Star
Plunge Necklace Star Sale price₱38,600.00
Miladay ChainMiladay Chain
Miladay Chain Sale price₱137,900.00
Trio Necklace CrossTrio Necklace Cross
Trio Necklace Cross Sale price₱43,500.00
Trio Necklace LockTrio Necklace Lock
Trio Necklace Lock Sale price₱41,500.00
Trio Necklace LoveTrio Necklace Love
Trio Necklace Love Sale price₱44,800.00
Staple Adjustable Chain
Staple Adjustable Chain Sale price₱21,200.00
Save ₱25,450.00Mark's Signature ChainMark's Signature Chain
Mark's Signature Chain Sale price₱76,350.00 Regular price₱101,800.00
Pearl Moonlight Necklace
Pearl Moonlight Necklace Sale price₱55,000.00
Infinity Drop Diamond Necklace
Infinity Drop Diamond Necklace Sale price₱72,450.00
Diamond Conception Necklace
Diamond Conception Necklace Sale price₱91,600.00
French Braid Gold Necklace
French Braid Gold Necklace Sale price₱128,600.00
Interlocking Loops Gold Necklace
Interlocking Loops Gold Necklace Sale price₱170,250.00
Linked Circle Two Toned Gold Necklace
Linked Circle Gold Necklace
Linked Circle Gold Necklace Sale price₱95,150.00
Oval-round Link Gold Necklace
Oval-round Link Gold Necklace Sale price₱67,350.00
Diamond Cycle Necklace
Diamond Cycle Necklace Sale price₱106,500.00
Delicate Bezel Diamond Necklace
Delicate Bezel Diamond Necklace Sale price₱122,250.00
Edgy Bezel Diamond Necklace
Edgy Bezel Diamond Necklace Sale price₱85,500.00
Dainty Bezel Diamond Necklace
Dainty Bezel Diamond Necklace Sale price₱78,000.00
Belle Rose Diamond Necklace
Belle Rose Diamond Necklace Sale price₱49,950.00
Infinity Diamond Necklace
Infinity Diamond Necklace Sale price₱31,250.00
Pisces Diamond Necklace
Pisces Diamond Necklace Sale price₱35,050.00
Sagittarius Diamond Necklace
Sagittarius Diamond Necklace Sale price₱35,150.00
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