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While bracelets are the threads of love and connection, Miladay's bangles are the sculpted armor of distinction and strength. Exude confidence with these bangles that are crafted with precision and technique. Be bold in spirit and make these wearable pieces of art a true testament to your individuality.

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Gradient Pearl Bangle
Gradient Pearl Bangle Sale price₱135,900.00
Black Onyx Clover-leaf Bangle
Black Onyx Clover-leaf Bangle Sale price₱49,250.00
Oval Twisted Diamond Bangle
Oval Twisted Diamond Bangle Sale price₱43,450.00
A-Line Diamond BangleA-Line Diamond Bangle
A-Line Diamond Bangle Sale price₱80,100.00
Pointed Tips Diamond Bangle
Pointed Tips Diamond Bangle Sale price₱77,350.00
Continuous Circle Diamond Bangle
Continuous Circle Diamond Bangle Sale price₱92,900.00
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