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Explore Miladay's curated collection that spans generations, encapsulating the essence of love, heritage, and premium craftsmanship. Each piece is a chapter in the Miladay story, designed to make you feel treasured, celebrated, and cherished. From earrings to bracelets, necklaces to rings, every Miladay creation is a testament to the love that has been our hallmark since 1966. Shop all and be a part of our story while forging your own.

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Sold outSave β‚±9,510.00Classics Ring 7839Classics Ring 7839
Classics Ring 7839 Sale priceβ‚±22,190.00 Regular priceβ‚±31,700.00
Plot ExtenderPlot Extender
Plot Extender Sale priceβ‚±6,400.00
Elements Pendant Lined CrossElements Pendant Lined Cross
Elements Pendant Lined Cross Sale priceβ‚±13,550.00
Lovelocks Pendant 4838Lovelocks Pendant 4838
Lovelocks Pendant 4838 Sale priceβ‚±19,250.00
Sweet Love Pendant 4842Sweet Love Pendant 4842
Sweet Love Pendant 4842 Sale priceβ‚±17,600.00
Bold Love Pendant 4844Bold Love Pendant 4844
Bold Love Pendant 4844 Sale priceβ‚±20,400.00
To The Moon and Back Pendant 4843To The Moon and Back Pendant 4843
To The Moon and Back Pendant 4843 Sale priceβ‚±19,100.00
Sweet Love Ring 4849Sweet Love Ring 4849
Sweet Love Ring 4849 Sale priceβ‚±35,400.00
Bold Love Ring 4847Bold Love Ring 4847
Bold Love Ring 4847 Sale priceβ‚±46,900.00
To The Moon and Back Ring 4848To The Moon and Back Ring 4848
To The Moon and Back Ring 4848 Sale priceβ‚±34,350.00
Fall in Love Earrings 4845Fall in Love Earrings 4845
Fall in Love Earrings 4845 Sale priceβ‚±36,800.00
Self Love Earrings 4840Self Love Earrings 4840
Self Love Earrings 4840 Sale priceβ‚±43,500.00
Eternal Love Earrings 4841Eternal Love Earrings 4841
Eternal Love Earrings 4841 Sale priceβ‚±40,900.00
Lovelocks Earrings 4839Lovelocks Earrings 4839
Lovelocks Earrings 4839 Sale priceβ‚±33,000.00
Hope Pendant 23189Hope Pendant 23189
Hope Pendant 23189 Sale priceβ‚±19,650.00
Hope Pendant 23188Hope Pendant 23188
Hope Pendant 23188 Sale priceβ‚±20,400.00
Hope Pendant 23187Hope Pendant 23187
Hope Pendant 23187 Sale priceβ‚±20,650.00
Hope Pendant 23062Hope Pendant 23062
Hope Pendant 23062 Sale priceβ‚±49,650.00
Hope Pendant 23061Hope Pendant 23061
Hope Pendant 23061 Sale priceβ‚±9,650.00
Hope Pendant 23059Hope Pendant 23059
Hope Pendant 23059 Sale priceβ‚±9,600.00
Hope Pendant 23058Hope Pendant 23058
Hope Pendant 23058 Sale priceβ‚±9,500.00
Hope Pendant 23056Hope Pendant 23056
Hope Pendant 23056 Sale priceβ‚±9,150.00
Hope Pendant 23040Hope Pendant 23040
Hope Pendant 23040 Sale priceβ‚±11,600.00
Hope Pendant 22861Hope Pendant 22861
Hope Pendant 22861 Sale priceβ‚±12,900.00
Hope Pendant 22858Hope Pendant 22858
Hope Pendant 22858 Sale priceβ‚±12,300.00
Hope Pendant 22801Hope Pendant 22801
Hope Pendant 22801 Sale priceβ‚±10,600.00
Hope Pendant 22754Hope Pendant 22754
Hope Pendant 22754 Sale priceβ‚±10,450.00
Hope Pendant 22659Hope Pendant 22659
Hope Pendant 22659 Sale priceβ‚±8,500.00
Hope Pendant 22658Hope Pendant 22658
Hope Pendant 22658 Sale priceβ‚±14,400.00
Hope Pendant 22657Hope Pendant 22657
Hope Pendant 22657 Sale priceβ‚±11,300.00
Hope Pendant 22656Hope Pendant 22656
Hope Pendant 22656 Sale priceβ‚±7,200.00
Hope Pendant 22655Hope Pendant 22655
Hope Pendant 22655 Sale priceβ‚±7,450.00
Hope Pendant 22654Hope Pendant 22654
Hope Pendant 22654 Sale priceβ‚±7,450.00
Hope Pendant 22652Hope Pendant 22652
Hope Pendant 22652 Sale priceβ‚±7,100.00
Hope Pendant 22649Hope Pendant 22649
Hope Pendant 22649 Sale priceβ‚±8,500.00
Hope Pendant 22648Hope Pendant 22648
Hope Pendant 22648 Sale priceβ‚±8,800.00
Hope Pendant 22647Hope Pendant 22647
Hope Pendant 22647 Sale priceβ‚±8,950.00
Hope Pendant 22646Hope Pendant 22646
Hope Pendant 22646 Sale priceβ‚±9,450.00
Hope Pendant 22645Hope Pendant 22645
Hope Pendant 22645 Sale priceβ‚±8,000.00
Hope Pendant 22642Hope Pendant 22642
Hope Pendant 22642 Sale priceβ‚±8,200.00
Hope Pendant 22613Hope Pendant 22613
Hope Pendant 22613 Sale priceβ‚±54,650.00
Hope Pendant 22607Hope Pendant 22607
Hope Pendant 22607 Sale priceβ‚±14,000.00
Hope Pendant 22449Hope Pendant 22449
Hope Pendant 22449 Sale priceβ‚±7,100.00
Hope Pendant 22446Hope Pendant 22446
Hope Pendant 22446 Sale priceβ‚±7,000.00
Hope Pendant 22430Hope Pendant 22430
Hope Pendant 22430 Sale priceβ‚±49,500.00
Hope Pendant 22397Hope Pendant 22397
Hope Pendant 22397 Sale priceβ‚±8,550.00
Hope Pendant 22392Hope Pendant 22392
Hope Pendant 22392 Sale priceβ‚±29,650.00
Hope Pendant 22298Hope Pendant 22298
Hope Pendant 22298 Sale priceβ‚±7,750.00
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