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Article: The Man Behind Miladay: A Celebration of Ting Dayrit

The Man Behind Miladay: A Celebration of Ting Dayrit

The Man Behind Miladay: A Celebration of Ting Dayrit

Father's Day is a special time to honor the men who have shaped our lives with their love, wisdom, and dedication. For us at Miladay, it’s an opportunity to remember and celebrate the remarkable man who laid the foundation of our jewelry brand, Ting Dayrit. Written by his daughter, Michelle Dayrit Soliven, this tribute highlights the essence of a father who was not only a successful businessman but also a loving, fun, and devoted dad.

Papa Ting was a fun dad who loved his five children with all his heart and soul. Family time was incredibly important to him, and he made every effort to ensure our home was full of joy and togetherness. He planned our home parties meticulously, providing the best drinks, food, music, and lights so we would choose to party at home instead of going out. He enjoyed meeting our friends and warmly welcomed them into his own pub, where he loved to feed them good food.

Funny and charming, Papa Ting had a unique talent for creating his own song lyrics, filling our home with laughter. He planned enjoyable and memorable trips that we still cherish today. Thoughtful and generous, he loved shopping for us and often surprised us with little things like hot balut, fresh penoy, bibingka, Fanta grape soda, and snacks, as well as bigger things like gold jewelry, watches, cars, and designer bags.

From childhood to adulthood, Papa Ting wanted to remain a central figure in our lives. He loved being consulted, needed, and appreciated. He enjoyed our company so much that every time one of us got married, he would be in tears with separation anxiety. Even after we were married, he would "borrow" us from our spouses to take us on trips, ensuring he received our full, loving attention. He was equally crazy about his grandchildren, often borrowing them from us to spend quality time together.

Papa Ting’s legacy lives on through Miladay, a brand built on the values of love, family, and excellence. His zest for life and the love he had for his family are as pure, precious, and timeless as the pieces we carry. Each piece of Miladay jewelry is crafted with the same dedication and care that Papa Ting showed in every aspect of his life.

This Father’s Day, honor the special man in your life with a gift from Miladay. Visit our stores or explore our collection online to find the perfect piece that embodies the love and appreciation you have for him. Let Miladay help you celebrate the fathers who make our lives sparkle with joy and love.

Shop now in-store or visit Miladay’s website to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day.

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