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Article: Style Tips from the Moms Behind Miladay

Style Tips from the Moms Behind Miladay

Style Tips from the Moms Behind Miladay

This Mother’s Day, we would like to pay tribute to two of the second generation of jewelers who brought Miladay to where it is today. These remarkable women, Michelle Dayrit Soliven and Yvonne Dayrit Romualdez, are the heart and soul of the brand, infusing it with their unwavering passion and profound dedication to spreading love and joy through jewels.

As we celebrate the essence of motherhood and the enduring legacy of Miladay, join us in exploring their distinct styles, unique perspectives, and their shared commitment to empowering women. Read more to find out the style wisdom and inspirational insights of Michelle Dayrit Soliven and Yvonne Dayrit Romualdez, the graceful and radiant leaders of Miladay Jewels.

Michelle Dayrit Soliven: The Creative Luminary

With a vibrant spirit that mirrors the kaleidoscope of colors she adores, Michelle embodies creativity and resilience. A beacon of positivity, she navigates life’s challenges with grace and charm, infusing every moment with her infectious energy.

Michelle's style is as vibrant as her personality; from bold florals to playful patterns, her wardrobe reflects her optimism. For Michelle, every day is an opportunity to shine.

As a motivational speaker and two-time cancer survivor, Michelle’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and faith. Through her art and her words, she spreads love, joy, and the message of hope. Her style tips echo this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of embracing life's special moments with a touch of sparkle and grace.

  1. Shine Your Light: Every day is a chance to shine, so shine with the brilliance of your Miladay Jewels.
  2. Adorn, adorn: Adorn yourself with fine jewels! Never leave home without them, especially earrings.
  3. Celebrate Life’s Milestones: Let Miladay add a touch of beauty and magic to all the special moments in your life.

Michelle is also a loving mom to her only son, Vincent Soliven. Her number one tip for motherhood is: “I taught our son to pray and always cultivate an attitude of gratitude.”

Yvonne Dayrit Romualdez: The Sophisticated CEO

Our current CEO, Yvonne Dayrit Romualdez, is a visionary leader with strong business acumen and an innate sense of elegance. Grounded yet graceful, she embodies timeless and classic style, elevating simplicity to sophistication.

Yvonne's fashion choices display her refined taste and appreciation for quality craftsmanship. With an eye for detail, she curates a wardrobe of timeless pieces that effortlessly transition from day to night. For Yvonne, style is not merely a trend but a reflection of oneself.

As an advocate of holistic wellness and the great outdoors, she embraces natural beauty and functional elegance. Her style tips resonate with wisdom and practicality, offering timeless advice for the modern woman.

  1. Invest in staple pieces: Have a few classic, timeless pieces that you can wear anywhere and everywhere.
  2. Layer, layer: Choose simple yet versatile pieces that can be layered and styled for any occasion.
  3. Cherish Your Treasures: Always carry around a jewelry pouch and have one designated place at home to keep your jewelry so that you never misplace it!

Yvonne is very close to her two wonderful children, Carin and Cito. Her number one tip for motherhood is: “It’s better to be kind than to be right.”

Above all things, Michelle and Yvonne have one shared belief: LOVE will never go out of style. We are so grateful for these two Miladay moms and the inspiring work that they do. Shop Michelle’s favorite collection here: Pearlfection ( and Yvonne’s favorite collection here: Classics (

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